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Welcome to W5 Concepts website! Please read the following terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with these terms, you should refrain from use of this site.
W5 Concepts reserves the right to make changes to any content from our website with or without notice which is why we strongly encourage our users to stay up to date with our terms and conditions by reviewing the published date posted at the bottom of this page.

W5 Concepts has deemed it necessary to provide you and all people with a site that is accessible and user-friendly regardless of technology or ability.  Therefore, we require certain customer info to help us monitor and improve our web content.
If you have any difficulty viewing, accessing or navigating our website please contact us!
W5 Concepts will not be held liable to any user or third party for any alteration, modification, suspension, and/or discontinuance of our services, or any part thereof.

Website cookies
Website cookies gather your online shopping habits, preferences and interests which then informs and helps us provide and personalize new content.
Many online marketplaces require use of website cookies and in most cases, your browser is set to accept the cookies by default. You have the option to delete and decline cookies, but this can affect the function or availabilities of our website.

Product images, descriptions and pricing information
Although our company makes an effort to display and describe our product’s colors, textures and appearance as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee that your browser or device will do the same. We would like you to keep in mind that our items can only portray so much on our limited model photos; we try our best to describe the items to inform you on the garment details that may not be visible.
In some cases, the items displayed may also be out of stock or discontinued and this can happen due to inventory errors or manufacturing delays/cancelations.  Prices are also subject to change in accordance to our special offers or promotions with or without notice.
Overall, W5 Concepts does not ensure the precise information of product images, descriptions or prices due to interference from a number of reasons.

W5 Concepts website shall only be used for personal noncommercial use. You do not have the right to impersonate, falsify or transfer any website or customer information.
It is also forbidden to engage and/or participate in any conduct or activity that would constitute a criminal or civil offense such as:

  • Communicating, transmitting or posting material that is copyrighted by W5 Concepts and our third parties
  • Deliberately selling, trading or exposing confidential information that belongs to our company or customers
  • Creating fake or multiple accounts to misuse or take advantage of the rewards from promotions, offers, or discounts
  • Provoking or interfering in any way with W5 Concepts website, network or system
  • Submitting or attaching any material in an attempt to overload, “flood”, spam, crash or pass a virus
  • Harassing, disrupting or intruding the privacy of W5 Concepts and its employees or business associates

Any verbal, physical or electronic violations will be taken seriously and addressed in a suitable manner that may lead to legal actions.

Dispute resolution and arbitration agreement
Any dispute or allegation regarding our terms, website, transactions and/or related matters shall try to be resolved with our company first. If we cannot accommodate you, we will then need to proceed with binding arbitration rather than in court. The Federal Arbitration Act and Federal Arbitration Law will also be applied to this agreement.
In good faith, a written notice shall be provided to W5 Concepts to resolve any situation or case that might lead to arbitration. Facts, circumstances and supporting documents must be provided. The ‘notice’ letter must then be mailed immediately to W5 Concepts to the following address:

2049 E 38th St
Vernon, CA 90058

If we’re unable to reach an agreement within 30 days after the notice has been received then either party may initiate arbitration.

Questions, concerns and feedback
We will always welcome any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or feedback about our Terms of Use and/or any other topic. Please feel free to contact us here.


Privacy Policy


W5Concepts.com offers, generally, of retail services for women’s clothing and all users must review our ‘Privacy Policy’ before personal use of the website. With use of this website you are to consent to the Privacy Policy.

Information collection and use
Generally, we collect and store information that will identify you when you voluntarily:

  • Register an account with this website
  • Enter a contest, sweepstakes or promotion
  • Respond to an Instagram poll or DM, which is linked to our website
  • Engage with other website features
  • Subscribe to our mailing list

Such as:

  • Legal name, phone number and email address
  • Billing and shipping information
  • Credit card details and payment method
  • Shipping preferences
  • Personal website preferences/interests
  • Order comments or notes as well as feedback

Basic user information is used to run, evaluate and expand our company.
From time to time, we may also use your information to communicate with you about our services such as exclusive emails, offers or suggestions that we believe might interest you.

Account Registration
Singing up for an account comes with many benefits! You can:

  • Wishlist items, view history, track orders
  • Receive exclusive mail and discounts
  • Access and manage your account online 24/7
  • Store information for quick check outs

Once you have registered, we may collect names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, credit cards and other billing information in order to proceed with your order, if any. W5 Concept’s website requires that you disclose certain information for transaction purposes. Such information will only be shared with third parties who facilitate completion of payment transactions and shipping.
After account registration, your personal information will be safely stored and protected within our processing system and website only.
We do not disclose any customer details and/or credit card information with other third parties unless it is required by law or unless we need to address an issue implicated by the financial transaction. For instance, if you claim that your account or credit card information was used to make a purchase you did not authorize, details about the transaction may be given to law enforcement and/or any other party we deem necessary to address the matter.
If you believe any account information is incorrect or incomplete, please reach out to us through email or phone as soon as possible.

As a user, you have the right to access your own personal data stored from our website and database. To prevent unauthorized access, you will need to provide us with answers to our security questions. Once your identity has been confirmed, you are able to have us correct, add or erase any personal information. For faster service, you can always manage any of these options by logging into your W5 Concepts account.
It is also the customer’s responsibility to maintain their personal information private such as your account username/email address and password. When using a public computer or mobile device, please make sure to sign out and avoid saving any of your information. Misuse, fraudulent or unauthorized use of log in data will be detected and blocked immediately. Future access may also be restricted if there are any suspected activities by the user.

Order Notice
Here at W5 Concepts, we work hard to process your order as quickly as possible, therefore, we highly recommend thoroughly reviewing your order details before submitting your purchase to prevent processing issues. You can do this by double-checking the quantity and items on your cart, payment information, billing and shipping addresses as well as refreshing your browser. Once the order is placed, we will be unable to modify or cancel the process.

Images and Product Information
Yes! W5 Concepts welcomes you to download, save or share our images and product information as long as it does not violate our ‘Terms of Use’. For any other questions regarding this subject please contact us.


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